Mobile Broadband

Plan NamePriceSpeedLimitOut of bundleContract
Orange Small12.50GBP7.2Mb500MB5.1p/MB1 month or 12 months (see News for details)
Orange Medium17.50GBP7.2Mb2GB5.1p/MB1 month or 12 months
Orange Large30GBP7.2Mb5GB5.1p/MB1 month or 12 months
O2 Pay Monthly10.20GBP7.2Mb1GB2.04GBP/day/
O2 Pay & Go 1GB20.64GBP7.2Mb1GB2.04GBP/day/
O2 Pay & Go 2GB25.74GBP7.2Mb2GB2.04GBP/day/
O2 Pay Monthly10.20GBP7.2Mb1GB/1 month
3 SIM only15.99GBP/month7.2Mb5GB10.2p/MB1 month
3 Light7.87GBP/month7.2Mb1GB10.2p/MB18 month
3 Redy to Go19.99GBP/month7.2Mb1, 3 or 12GB10.2p/MB1, 3 or 12 month
3 5GB15.99GBP/month7.2Mb5GB10.2p/MB18 month
3 15GB 24months15.99GBP/month7.2Mb15GB10.2p/MB24 month
3 15GB20GBP/month7.2Mb20.99GB10.2p/MB18 month
T-Mobile Wireless Pointer10GBP/month4.5Mb1GBrestriced***24 month
T-Mobile Pay Monthy SIM only15GBP/month4.5Mb5GBrestriced***18 month
T-Mobile Pay Monthy 1GB7.5GBP/month4.5Mb1GBrestriced***18 month
T-Mobile Pay Monthy 2GB10GBP/month4.5Mb2GBrestriced***18 month
T-Mobile Pay Monthy 5GB15GBP/month4.5Mb5GBrestriced***18 month
Virgin 10.2110.21GBP/month7.2Mb1GB1.4p/MB2 month, dongle price 24.99GBP
Virgin 15.3215.32GBP/month7.2Mb3GB1.4p/MB2 month, dongle price 24.99GBP
Virgin 10.2110.21GBP/month7.2Mb1GB1.4p/MB18 month
Virgin 15.3215.32GBP/month7.2Mb3GB1.4p/MB18 month
Vodafone Pay as you Go24.99GBP/month7.2Mb0.5GB5GBP/250MB/
Vodafone Very occasional user3GBP/month7.2Mb250MB2GBP/250MB1 month
Vodafone Occasional user 1 Month7.5GBP/month7.2Mb500MB7.5GBP/500MB1 month
Vodafone Occasional user 18 Month15GBP/month7.2Mb2GB7.5GBP/1GB18 month
Vodafone Regular user 1 Month15GBP/month7.2Mb2GB + 2GB WiFi15GBP/1GB1 month
Vodafone Regular user 18 Month20GBP/month7.2Mb2GB + 4GB WiFi15GBP/1GB18 month

* Unlimited data usage between 00:00 - 09:00 is inclusive to Early Bird tariffs, subject to Fair Usage Policy

** USB modem cost 58GBP

*** If you use more than your fair use policy amount, T-Mobile won't charge you any more, but it may restrict how you can use your plan.