SIM only deals

Below are the best value SIM only deals currently available in February:
(updated 12 February 2016)

Deal 1

SIM only Three

 £6.90 with Three

  • Ideal for people on a budget
  • 500MB data
  • 200 minutes
  • 5,000 texts

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Deal 2

SIM only Three

 £20 with Three

  • Ideal for people who love using the internet
  • All-you-can-eat data
  • 2,000 minutes
  • 5,000 texts

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Deal 3

SIM only o2

 £30 with o2

  • Ideal for people who need a lot of everything
  • 8GB data
  • Unlimited text and calls
  • Includes 12 months free access to The Sun Online (Sun+)

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Alternatively, click the links below to view the full range of deals available with each provider:

What is SIM only?

Do you want a new contract for your mobile phone, but want to keep your current handset? Then a ‘SIM only’ or ‘SIM card only’ contract is what you need. You can keep your current phone and your current number if you want and benefit from cheaper monthly bills and more minutes, more texts and more internet. At we showcase the best SIM only contracts from the UK’s major mobile phone networks including Vodafone, EE, Three and O2.
Vodafone SIM only

Benefits of SIM only

The are a wide range of SIM only contracts available to suit a wide variety of needs. Choose the contract that best suits your requirements, lifestyle and budget, including:

  • 1 month contract - ideal if you don’t want to commit to a long term contract
  • 12 months contract - by signing up for 12 months you get even more value for your money
  • Unlimited calls – great for people who love to chat
  • Unlimited texts – ideals for those who like to get instant replies while on the go
  • Unlimited internet – Also known as all-you-can-eat data – Ideal for those who like to surf the internet, download apps, chat on Skype and use Windows Live Messenger
  • Keep your existing number – Transfer your current number to your new SIM card by asking for a PAC code from your current network provider
  • Free delivery – Many networks offer free delivery and a cooling off period of up to 2 weeks in case you change your mind
  • Bad credit SIM only contracts – ideal if you have a bad credit rating and can’t secure a contract with a new phone. This is because there is less risk for the network provider as there isn’t a new handset at risk if you fail to make your repayments
  • International SIM only contracts – ideal if you travel abroad regularly and need a deal that gives you good rates across a range of countries

As well as all the great benefits already mentioned, you can also benefit from offers specific to each network provider. Choose the best contract for your lifestyle and benefit from offers including 2 for 1 deals at the cinema, free iTunes movie downloads, VIP tickets to festivals and F1 racing days, priority tickets for concerts, free Skype calls, vouchers for recommending the deal to a friend and much more.
EE SIM only

Types of SIM card

When ordering your SIM only contract you’ll need to ensure you order the correct type of SIM card for you mobile. There are three types:

  • Standard SIM: These are the traditional full sized SIM cards found in the majority of older phones
  • Micro SIM: These are mid-sized SIM cards, found in phones such as the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Nano SIM: These are the smallest SIM cards, found in phones such as the iPhone 5S and HTC One M8

Types of SIM card