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Voice over IP

VoIP (Voice over IP), is a technology that allows making a voice communication via an Internet connection. This term refers to the possibility of using data networks to make telephone calls. The availability of broadband connections (ADSL) allows you to exploit this technology to low-cost phone calls or even at no cost at all. The presence of specific telephones or "adapters" also allows you to make a phone call "VoIP" with a phone and not just using a PC (using headphones and similar devices). Many providers of internet telephony allow you to call and receive from landline numbers or cell phones around the world using an incoming phone line.

Without a ADSL connection is impossible to make voip phone calls of good quality. But today to navigate and exploit all the services we have available on the Internet (the current account, postal, insurance and so on ...) ADSL is absolutely necessary. Today ADSL lines ever faster and ever cheaper. But be careful, the advertised speed (12 Mega, 4Mega ...) is nominal. That is the maximum you can achieve, but the average speed that keeps it's another thing and depends on many factors, such as the number of people connected at once. Without going into technical explanations, an important feature to consider when choosing the ADSL line is the minimum guaranteed bandwidth (or MCR): below this speed ADSL does not go!

How do you make a call? It 'very simple: Just download one of the many programs you can find online for free. The most popular and widespread is SKYPE (downloadable from the site www.skype.com). Once downloaded, proceed with the installation wizard and create your own user to be recognized and to make phone calls. From this moment you can already call all people who, like you, have skype on your computer and are connected to the internet! It is possbile call fixed line numbers or mobile phones, but in this case you need to buy a credit (SkypeOut). There are different rates for different countrys and fixed lines and mobile phones. Many other programs were born following the trail of skype, and many of them are much cheaper. The best known are: Openwengo, Gizmo, GTalk, Jabbin, JaJah, VoipBuster, VoipStunt, Internetcalls, SparVoIP, Voipdiscount, PoivY, Voipcheap, Freecall, Raketu, vBuzzer, LowRateVoip, Smsdiscount, iCall, 12Voip, VoipWise, BudgetSIP, JustVoip , Nonoh, VoipHit, Noverca, VoipZoom.