Tariff Calculator

Answer the questions below as accurately as possible and press the button "Calculate"

All numbers are for calls made and SMS sent in one month!

1. Number of calls you make per month?

(Total without video and international calls)

2. How many minutes is an average call duration?

3. How many calls you make towards:

a) your operator?

(does not include friend number)

b) landline?

c) friend number?

(Friend number is your own operator number that you call more often than others. If you do not have a cell phone, enter the data for the number you call more often and then use his operator as your own.)

4. How many phone calls you make between 18:00 and 8:00?

(The number of calls you make at night have to be smaller than the total number of calls you make)

5. Koliko SMS na mjesec pošalješ?

6. How many text messages you send?

7. How many MMS you send per month?

8. How many videocalls per month you make?

8. How many international calls you make?